Hi, my name is Kanika

Parent Coach & Young Adults Mentor

I am so glad you’re here, I can help you rediscover loving relationship with your children

Hi, my name is Kanika

I am so glad you’re here, I can help you rediscover loving relationship with your children

Staying stuck is not an option

Born in India and then relocating to the UK, I have since then worked in education and with teenagers for over 20 years. Being a parent and a working mom, I have gone through what you are going through now. I know it is not always easy.

I can support parents like you who are juggling work along with family life.  You are struggling to understand your own child and do not seem to communicate with them anymore.

Being a parent is a demanding job, probably the most important job that you will undertake. One feels stuck, helpless when something goes wrong with our teens and sometimes we feel a sense of failure and shame. Don’t let this prevent you from asking for help.

Let’s talk

My Approach

I am a firm believer that we all have our unique capabilities and if, we want or desire something so deeply we can almost achieve anything, whether it is for us or our family. All we need is someone who can support us on our journey to have a life we really really want.

I am confident I can support you overcome your angst and together we can find solutions to your problems. We can bring calm to your chaos. Bring back the happy times you once had with your children.


A safe and trusting environment


To be yourself without being judged


A Space where you can be supported in making your dreams come true


To be the best version of yourself


To find new path, new beginnings, new life

My credentials and experience as a Coach

I am experienced and fully qualified to support you so be rest assured you are in the right place.

Through coaching, I can understand your reality, discover your options, and arrive at solutions that allow you to move forward.


I am a qualified Personal Performance Coach and have completed my Diploma from the prestigious Coaching Academy.

Postgraduate certificate in Coaching, Co-Coaching and Mentoring and Strategic Leadership and Management.

NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Counselling Skills

NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Mental Health First Aid And Mental Health Advocacy in The Workplace

TQUK Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Children and Young People’s Mental Health (RQF)

Safeguarding Children

I hold a Masters degree in Politics along with Postgraduate Certificate in Education and have worked in education sector for over 18 years.

Coaching & Mentoring programs - for Parents and Young Adults

I run various Coaching and Mentoring workshops these include:

Managing stress and anxiety

Personal growth and well-being

Building harmonious Relationships

Roadmap to success

and many more…

Who is coaching for?

I coach parents, teens and young adults to move forward, improve relationships, reduce stress and lead a balanced and fulfilled life.

Stop feeling so worried, stop blaming yourself. Let me help you find solutions to your problems whatever they are.

What clients say

Friendly and professional

I always looked forward to the coaching sessions with Kanika. She has a friendly personality and is very professional. She was always well prepared for the sessions and managed our sessions well.  After each session I felt I had moved forward.

Thank you Kanika for giving me the opportunity to work with you!

Warm and caring coach

I enjoyed being coached by Kanika, she is warm and caring and really wants the best for her clients which comes across in her coaching.  We worked on a lot of my personal goals and Kanika helped me find clarity in areas that were previously not so clear. Her questions prompted deeper thinking which led to me finding the answers I didn’t know previously. After our calls I would be buzzing and want to complete the tasks immediately. I would recommend Kanika as a coach and wish her all the best in her future endeavours.

Professional and result focused

During the coaching conversations Kanika helped me to focus on my goals by helping me to clarify how to achieve them. The questions she asked me really got me thinking and I gained understanding of my next steps.  This motivated me to identify my options and commit to taking the necessary actions. Thank you for moving me forward when I felt stuck.

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