Find Your Success: Make a Wish!

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Title: “Finding True Success: My Journey to Uncover What Really Matters”

The Quest for True Success

“Follow your dreams and be successful in life,” was the advice I received as I embarked on a journey to a new world, a new country. But at that time, I wasn’t entirely clear on what my dreams were or what success truly meant.

When I was in my early twenties, I had a rather conventional idea of success. It meant getting a degree, landing a job, finding a life partner, settling down, making money, buying a house, acquiring a fancy car, and adorning myself with expensive jewelry. These were the boxes I dutifully checked off my list. Yet, despite the accomplishments, a nagging feeling persisted – something was missing.

I kept feeling there must be more to life, a deeper meaning that eluded me. It was as if I was searching for a hidden treasure, and I couldn’t rest until I uncovered it. I realized that success, as I had defined it, was merely a superficial façade. It was time to redefine my dreams and reevaluate what success meant to me.

Rethinking Success

As I reflect on the past 15 years of my life, the realisation dawns on me that true success isn’t measured by material possessions. Success isn’t just about ticking off boxes or accumulating wealth; it’s about the lasting, intangible aspects of life that fill our souls.

What I truly longed for was stability and the feeling of home. Moving to a new country meant leaving my childhood and family behind. I yearned to create a close-knit family of my own, a space where I could share both joys and sorrows, a place where love and care flowed freely. I wanted a home not just made of bricks and mortar but one filled with laughter, fond memories, and moments of connection. Success, I came to understand, was about cherishing the loving relationships with my parents, children, spouse, family, and friends. It was about finding a job I loved, one that didn’t just pay the bills but also filled my days with purpose.

Today, I can say with confidence that I’ve unraveled what my dreams truly are and what it means to be successful. For me, success equates to happiness, good health, and the warmth of being close to my loved ones. It’s about building a life that isn’t just appealing from the outside but one that radiates fulfillment from within.

In my journey of self-discovery, I also uncovered another dream – the desire to help others on their path to success. I realized that success is a deeply personal concept, unique to each individual. It may mean different things to different people – from climbing the corporate ladder to nurturing a thriving family, from pursuing artistic passions to achieving financial freedom. My aspiration became to support people in reaching their dreams, whatever those dreams might be.

Redefining Success

Success, I’ve come to learn, is a multifaceted jewel, its facets glistening with individual stories, desires, and aspirations. So, I ask you, dear reader, what does success mean to you? What are your dreams, your hidden treasures waiting to be uncovered?

You can achieve whatever you want in life, but the first step is to know what you truly desire. It’s about finding your mojo, your inner drive, and your purpose. Success isn’t solely about the destination; it’s equally about the journey, the obstacles we overcome, and the moments we share with our loved ones along the way.

As we navigate our unique paths to success, let us remember that success is not merely about the position we reach in life, but rather the obstacles we overcome and the relationships we nurture. It’s about making the journey as remarkable as the destination, and realising that true success often lies in the company we keep and the love we give and receive

What does success mean to you personally? How would you define it in your own terms?

What does your ideal future look like, both in your personal life and in your career?

What kind of support or guidance do you believe would be most beneficial in your journey toward success?

Get in touch and we can work together towards your goals and aspirations


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