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Whether you are a student or an entrepreneur, a professional or a parent?

Can you accomplish your goals without sacrificing your health and mental wellbeing?

If it’s all getting too much to handle, attend my masterclasses and workshops to learn ways to bring your life back on track.



In my masterclass, I will teach you how to deal with modern day challenges, using tools, techniques and strategies that will help you move forward and live a more fulfilling life

Stop Procrastination

Do you have a to-do-list that you add to everyday and never seem to get to the end of it,  feeling that you have not achieved anything, then come along to my workshop where I am going to show you how to get stuff done

Stress & Anxiety

We know stress is the health epidemic of our century. It affects us both mentally and physically if we don’t manage it well. Learn how you can overcome stress in my masterclass through simple yet powerful techniques.

Healthy Relationships

Whether it is family or friends, nurturing harmonious relationships can be the best medicine in the time of crises. This is vital for our mental and emotional wellbeing as well as our survival. Can this be achieved? Of course yes! Learn how in my masterclass

Build Confidence

Feel stuck? Sounds familiar? I will empower you to take that first step to get out of your comfort zone by guiding you through in a way you will overcome your fear, shyness or self esteem


How to know what to do? I work with you to identify your strengths and skills set and what you want from your future. What you most want in life and how to unlock your potential

Managing Finance

Learn how to manage money and finances.  Change your attitudes you have around money. Learn how to grow from scarcity to abundance mindset. Keep control of your finances.

Masterclass – Beat the Procrastinator

This masterclasses provide you with practical tools and strategies to overcome procrastination. You will understand why we feel stuck and lose track of our growth be it physical, emotional or mental.

Procrastination leads to stress and stress makes us anxious. Lets break this habit and get rid of the overwhelm of to-do-lists.

Join the waiting list for my masterclass ‘Beat the Procrastinator’ today!

I Work With Individuals & Groups




Change your mindset, this will empower you to gain confidence and self belief to take control of your life. Its never too late to reinvent a stronger self this time.




You have the strengths and the skills, rediscover what they are, rebuild your life, take back the control, get what you most want.




One feels stuck and helpless, we feel a sense of failure and shame. Don’t let this prevent you from asking for help. Take the first step to redefine your new self.

Interested in any of the masterclasses above





Learn and succeed through my workshops.

They are fun, interactive and can be delivered online and in person

Kind words

"Approachable and a great support"

Kanika has supported me in identifying and overcoming obstacles, including motivation, self doubt and time management, organisation and this has resulted in me progressing with my career and finding a work/life balance. 

" Professional, planned & measured "

Kanika has helped me explore the reality in all these topics very well, helping me consider my motivation so far to fulfil my goals and consider any potential obstacles and how I would overcome them.

"Empathetic and professional"

The coaching I received from Kanika was very professional, planned & measured and I really felt I was being understood. Kanika gave me confidence that she was skilled at coaching by her measured & probing approach.


Humble, cheerful & focused

Kanika helped me to come out from very difficult time. Through her coaching techniques she helped me to craft the exact points that I need to undertake to get out from this sad occasion. Throughout the sessions , Kanika was so humble , actively listening to my comments, empathetic and above all cheerfulfocused and professional.

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