Conquering Fear: Freeze fear and go all out

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Fear is a powerful instinct deeply ingrained in our minds, a survival mechanism that keeps us alert and cautious. We are naturally wired to fear the unknown, but what happens when we discover that our purpose is more significant than that fear? It’s in those moments that we transform into winners, survivors, champions, and sometimes even heroes. This post delves into a pivotal moment in my life that taught me the valuable lesson that everything I desired lay on the other side of fear.

The Backdrop

Many years ago, during my university days we went to Mumbai, India, as a member of my college’s dramatic society. Our journey led us to participate in a street play competition at an inter-college festival, a stage that would put my abilities, or rather, my fears, to the test. I had rehearsed my lines countless times, confident that I would remember them effortlessly. Little did I know that when the moment of truth arrived, things would take an unexpected turn.

Fear Takes Hold

As the street play commenced, I enthusiastically began to yell, attempting to seize the audience’s attention. It felt like the easy part, done in no time. However, when it was time to deliver my lines, an overwhelming sense of fear washed over me. I froze, unable to utter a single word. My heart raced, my legs turned to jelly, and my inner critic took the reins, whispering doubts and imposter syndrome in my ear.

I was gripped by fear, and it seemed impossible to regain control. My co-actor had to step in, taking over my lines and asking, “Is this what you would be saying?” I nodded, responding with a trembling, “Yes, yes.” A single minute felt like an eternity. It was in that moment that I questioned my ability and felt like a failure. The fear had taken hold of me, and I had become its prisoner.

Shifting Focus

Amid the turmoil in my mind, a realisation began to emerge. I was not just there for myself; I was representing my college, one of the best in the town. It wasn’t just about me; it was about the reputation of my college, my co-actors, and my friends. I had a purpose larger than myself. As I shifted my focus from self-doubt to the reason I stood on that stage, a transformation took place.

Purpose Prevails Over Fear

With renewed determination, I remembered why I was there and who I was there to represent. The purpose had become more significant than my fear. I envisioned our victory, the crowd cheering, and the feeling of accomplishment. My fear began to subside as my inner champion emerged.

With newfound courage, I unleashed my passion and began delivering my lines with a zest that surprised even me. By this point, we had an audience of hundreds, if not more. It felt as though we were surrounded by an ocean of faces, all listening, cheering, and enjoying our performance. The hard work we had put into our play paid off, and we clinched the first prize. The monetary reward wasn’t significant, but the feeling of pride and accomplishment was priceless.

Lessons Learned

This experience taught me a valuable lesson that has resonated with me throughout life. Sometimes, when faced with difficult situations, it’s essential to rise above our fear. If you’ve put in the hard work and have a purpose larger than yourself, you can achieve remarkable success. The key is to shift your focus from self-doubt to your purpose, and you’ll find that your inner champion is ready to emerge.

If this story resonates with you, if you’ve ever had to confront your fears and step into a larger purpose, I encourage you to share your experiences in the comments below. We can all learn from one another’s journeys.

Support and Encouragement

If you find yourself in a situation where you need support, just as I did from my co-actors, know that you don’t have to face it alone. Reach out to me, and I can be your cheerleader, guiding you toward your own path to success. Remember, you’re here to do so much more than you may initially realize.

Note: Street theater, as described in the post, is a form of theatrical performance conducted in outdoor public spaces without a specific paying audience. The actors must grab the attention of passersby to announce the beginning of the play.

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